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The Forex Show: Your Complete Guide to Forex Trading

Welcome to The Forex Show - a free trading show covering key topics, Forex analysis, Q&A sessions, and more.

All current episodes are listed below. Just click on the links to watch each episode. The show is entirely free.

Episode 1: The Best Tools for Forex Trading

Episode Summary: Review the best and most essential Forex trading tools.

Episode Notes:

Economic Calendar: A simple calendar is available at Forex Factory. For more experienced traders, I suggest the economic calendar at Trading Economics.

PIP Calculator: I use this one from XM. You will need a PIP calculator if you have a position size feature available on your trading platform.

Charting Software: Your ultimate choice is TradingView. It is also available as a mobile app. If you dislike TradingView, MetaTrader 4 may be your next best option.

Something to take Notes on - Either a desk notepad or note-taking software. I use a desk pad like this.

Performance Tracking Software: Myfxbook and Forex Factory offer free performance tracking software. Alternatively, you can use Excel (or similar) to create results tables and equity curves. I also use Excel to track critical economic data, such as interest and inflation rates.

Recommended Book: 'Come into My Trading Room' by Dr. Alexander Elder.

Answered Questions: How much do you need to start trading? What is the best advice for new traders?

Episode 2: Learn Basic Fundamental Analysis

Episode Summary: Learn the basics of Forex fundamental analysis

Episode Notes:

Interest rates drive the currency markets.

The essential economic figures to track are

Interest rates: Are they hiking, being cut, or pausing

Inflation rates: These will directly impact potential interest rate changes

Unemployment rates, PMI figures, retail sales, GBP growth - These figures indicate the economic health of a country

Learn more about fundamental analysis in my free Forex Fundamental Analysis Course.

Recommended Websites:

Trading Economics - Historic economic data and an economic calendar

Bloomberg TV - Real-time market commentary and news

Answered Questions: n/a

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