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Rule #1 - do not learn from a "Forex trader" who doesn't have publicly verified results!

"There are no trading statements, no claims of being an ex-bank trader, and no fancy sports cars... Just publicly verified results!"

Forex Educator with Verified Results

No matter how good or professional my content is, my claim of being a profitable Forex trader means nothing without a verified track record. Use this rule when judging all Forex traders and educators. If there are no publicly confirmed trading results, it is likely that the "Forex trader" is a fraud!


One of the most significant changes needed in the Forex education industry is the need for Forex educators to provide precise, transparent trading results. Websites like myfxbook and Forex Factory offer a free feature where trading performance can be verified whilst protecting sensitive information. 

All results below are from using the trading strategies taught in my ULTIMATE Forex Trading Course and covered daily in my Forex trading room.

A Proven Track Record

myfxbook verified track record
myfxbook results

Forex Trading Results from 2022 to date - trading price action on the 1-hourly, 4-hourly, daily and weekly time-frames

FOREX Trading Results - CLICK HERE
Total Return so far: 4807.80%

Max closed draw-down of 26.22%

You can also view my trading fund track record

Beware of "Forex Traders" without a verified track record

The internet is full of scams. Forex and financial trading scams are among the most common ways scammers use to get your money. 

This is what to look for when choosing a Forex educator.

Tip #1: Find an educator that trades. Any educators who travel the world to provide training workshops and spend most of their time in webinars and uploading YouTube videos are likely not dealing - their time is spent running their Forex education business instead. Find someone with whom you genuinely trade the markets.  

Tip #2: Find an educator who has verified trading results. If a trader is profitable, providing a proven track record is easy. This can be done using 3rd party verification, such as myfxbook or Forex Factory. A luxurious car or a screenshot of a few profitable trades is not enough to prove how genuine a trader is. 


Tip #3: Use your common sense. If something doesn't feel right, trust your judgement.

Tip #4: Forex trading is NOT 'get rich quick'. Trading the Forex markets is not a quick way to get rich. Trading takes time, effort and patience. Anyone who promotes trading as a 'get rich quick' scheme does not have your best interests at heart.  

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