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Free Technical Analysis Course for Forex

Welcome to my Forex technical analysis (TA) course. The course is free and online.

The course will teach you all the basics of TA and give you a TA foundation. It is perfect for new Forex traders and Forex trading beginners.

Best Forex technical analysis course


Technical Analysis Course Outline

The free fourteen-part series covers everything you need to read and understand price charts. Including:

  • The basics of price action

  • How to read Japanese Candlestick

  • Using price action setups

  • Support and resistance explained

  • Using price patterns

  • Reading price charts

  • Understanding moving averages

  • Using technical indicators

Get started with lesson one below.

The Best Forex Technical Analysis Course

Lesson One: An Introduction to Forex Price Action

Lesson Outline:

  • What is price action

  • Why trade using price action

  • Price chart example

Lesson Two: Trending Markets

Lesson Outline:

  • Uptrends explained

  • Downtrends explained

  • Swing highs and swing lows

  • Trend Examples

Lesson Three: Ranging Markets

Lesson Outline:

  • Sideway markets

  • Horizontal channels

  • Rangebound examples

Lesson Four: Japanese Candlesticks

Lesson Outline:

  • Candlestick introduction

  • Candlestick bodies

  • Candlestick wicks

  • Price chart time-frames

Lesson Five: An Introduction to Price Action Setups

Lesson Outline:

Lesson Six: Pin Bars

Lesson Outline:

Lesson Seven: Support and Resistance Explained

Lesson Outline:

  • The basics of support and resistance

  • Psychological levels

  • Support turned resistance, and resistance turned support

Lesson Eight: Horizontal Support and Resistance

Lesson Outline:

  • Horizontal support and resistance explained

  • Examples of horizontal support and resistance

Lesson Nine: Diagonal Support and Resistance

Lesson Outline:

  • Diagonal levels explained

  • Diagonal level examples

Lesson Ten: Price Action Patterns

Lesson Outline:

  • The basics of price patterns

  • Trend reversal patterns

  • Double tops and double bottoms

  • Head and shoulders patterns

Lesson Eleven: An Introduction to Technical Indicators

Lesson Outline:

  • What are technical indicators

  • Indicator basics

  • Examples of indicators

Lesson Twelve: An Introduction to Moving Averages

Lesson Outline:

  • What are moving averages

  • How to use moving averages in Forex

  • Moving averages for direction

  • The moving average crossover

  • Moving averages as support and resistance

Lesson Thirteen: Oscillator Indicators

Lesson Outline:

  • What are oscillator indicators

  • The RSI explained

  • The MACD explained

  • The Stochastic explained

Lesson Fourteen: Technical Indicator Overlays

Lesson Outline:

  • What are overlays

  • How to use technical indicator overlays

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