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Top spread bet brokers

"The UK is the home of spread betting brokers. London is the centre.

Spread betting allows you to make profits tax-free and simplifies the trading experience"

My recommended Spread Bet Brokers are rated by

- Spread tightness

- Customer Service

- Fees and overnight costs

- The range of available markets

- My personal trading experience with them

All recommended brokers are highly regulated by the FCA


The broker list is below

The Top UK Spread Betting Brokers

BROKER #1 - IG Markets

IG Index is at the top of the list. I have been trading with them for over a decade and highly recommend them.

Their range of markets, tight spreads, and ease of use make them my top-rated spread betting broker available in the UK.

Quick Review

Range of Markets  10/10

Trading Platforms  9/10

Spread Tightness  9/10

Customer Service 3/10

Brokerage Fees  6/10

Ease of use 9/10



IG Broker Logo

Advantage No.1 - Market Variety

IG offers over 17,000 tradeable instruments... Wow! No spread betting broker can beat that!

This broker is ideal for a serious trader who must diversify and trade various markets. 

IG doesn't just offer Forex and indices. It also offers spread betting for stocks, options, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, commodities, futures, bonds, and rates. 

Advantage No.2 - Trading Platforms

Spread betting is available on IG's in-house trading platform, MetaTrader 4, and ProRealTime. 

Their in-house trading platform - online trading platform - is the best in-house platform I have ever used. It is easy to use and reliable. The platform is also available as a user-friendly and quick-to-learn mobile app. 

ProRealTime is worth trying. Many that try it don't look back. 

Advantage No.3 - Spreads

Let's face it. Spread betting brokers don't offer the tightest of spreads. If you are looking for zero spreads, you need a CFD broker

As far as spread betting brokers go, IG is one of the better options for tight spreads. 

Personal Experience & Summary

I love IG. I have been trading with them for over a decade. I have never had any issues with depositing or withdrawing. Depositing funds is instant, and withdrawals are processed quickly. Trade execution has never been a problem.

You will only find professional charting on the ProRealTime platform. Their customer service could be better - expect to speak to someone by phone. Email is best.

IG is not kind with their overnight fees and financing costs.

If you overlook these flaws, you have one of the best spread betting brokers available. 

You can open a free spread betting account with IG Index here.

IG Spread Betting

BROKER #2 - CMC Markets

CMC Markets is another reliable and trustworthy spread betting broker.

Like IG, they have an international presence with a wide range of markets. They are also FCA regulated.

Quick Review

Range of Markets  9/10

Trading Platforms  8/10

Spread Tightness  9/10

Customer Service 4/10

Brokerage Fees  6/10

Ease of use 8/10



CMC Markets Spread Betting

Advantage No.1 - They match IG

The minimum spreads at CMC Markets almost match the spread tightness of IG. The spreads between the two brokers are virtually identical.

This is the same for leverage. 

CMC Markets also have a global presence with international offices like IG. 

They have over 12,000 markets. Not as much as IG Markets, but still more than needed for the average trader.

If you want a similar experience as IG (the industry leader) but wish to refrain from trading with IG, this is the broker for you. 

Advantage No.2 - No minimum deposit

CMC Markets doesn't require a minimum deposit, unlike other brokers. You can start trading with as little as you like. 

Advantage No.3 - Copy & Social Trading

They offer social trading and copy trading features. This is unique for a spread betting broker. 

Personal Experience & Summary

CMC Markets offer an interactive trading experience with high regulation. Their service is professional, and they are one of the best spread betting brokers based in the UK. 

Depositing and withdrawing funds takes longer than other brokers. You should have no issues withdrawing funds, though - CMC Markets has been a genuine broker in the business for decades. 

Forex spread betting broker

BROKER #3 - Pepperstone

Pepperstone has a London office but is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.

They are FCA regulated.

Quick Review

Range of Markets  7/10

Trading Platforms  9/10

Spread Tightness  10/10

Customer Service 6/10

Brokerage Fees  6/10

Ease of use 7/10



Pepperstone Forex Broker

Advantage No.1 - The Tightest Spreads

Spreads for spread betting are always wider than CFD trading. For spread betting, though, Pepperstone has the best spreads available. 

Advantage No.2 - TradingView

Pepperstone is one of the few spread betting brokers offering TradingView as a trading platform. 

Advantage No.3 - Customer Service

Their customer service team is one of the better teams in the industry. Usually, spread betting customer service could be better.

Personal Experience & Summary

Pepperstone is one of the best spread betting brokers available. 

You must open a CFD trading account if you need raw spreads. 

Spread betting broker

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