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The Forex Podcast (also available on Spotify)

The Best Forex Trading Podcast

Best Forex Podcast

"My Forex Podcast is perfect for both new and experienced traders. I will teach you everything Forex, including risk and money management and trading psychology"

Welcome to the Forex Trading Podcast!


This page covers all the current episodes of the podcast series. You can listen to the episodes on YouTube, RSS, and Spotify. You can also listen to each episode on The Forex Exchange Reddit page.


This Forex podcast series is perfect for both new traders and experienced traders. It is accessible, motivational, and can coach you through the Forex minefield!



Forex Podcast Episodes

Episode 1 - Becoming a Forex Trader

Forex Podcast for Beginners

Episode 1: Becoming a Forex Trader.


This first episode covers becoming a Forex trader, including:

  • The technical skills you need to learn

  • The winner's psychology

  • The general motivation needed

Episode 2 - Risk Management

Episode 2: Risk Management


The second episode in The Forex Podcast covers risk management:

  • Trading vs. Gambling

  • Trading with emotion

  • Why risk management is essential

  • Tips for reducing risk and becoming a pro money manager

Episode 2 Risk Management

Episode 3 - Trading Habits

Episode 3 Trading Habits

Episode 3: Trading Habits


This episode of The Forex Podcast is about trading habits: the good, the bad, and the ugly.


  • Learn which are the best trading habits

  • Which are the worst

  • How to beat bad trading habits

Episode 4 - Trading Emotions

Episode 4: Trading Emotions


Learn about trading psychology and how to beat trading emotions


  • Identify why you are having trading emotions

  • Learn how to reduce your trading emotions

  • Tips for overcoming the challenges of trading psychology

Forex Podcast Trading Emotions

Episode 5 - My Forex Trading Journey (Part 1)

The Forex Podcast - My Trading Journey

Episode 5: My Forex Trading Journey, Part 1


Discover how I became a Forex trader, my journey, challenges, and learning curve. 


  • Learn the steps you need to take

  • Discover how I became a better trader 

  • An honest and open approach to trading

Episode 6 - My Forex Trading Journey (Part 2)

Episode 6: My Forex Trading Journey, Part 2


Learn how I beat the market and became a profitable Forex trader. 


  • How I trade

  • Key points, habits, and skills 

  • What you need to do to become profitable 

Become a Forex Trader

Episode 7 - Technical Analysis

Forex technical analysis

Episode 7: Technical Analysis


Learn about technical analysis, including:


  • My technical analysis journey

  • How I use price action to trade Forex

  • How I use indicators to trade Forex 

  • And more

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