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10 Trading Documentaries & Movies Worth Watching

I am a big reader. I love books, especially trading related books. My trading library consists of a wide-range of publications and has cost me a small fortune, but it has been worth it!

I find that trading books are both a great resource for knowledge and for inspiration. Publications like Reminiscences of a Stock Operator and Pit Bull have been great sources of motivation and vision for me.

Another great source of trading motivation and inspiration has been trading related media, such as trading documentaries, films/movies and interviews. In this post, I will list some of my most favourite Forex trading documentaries and other movies.

The list is not in any particular order.


#1 - Rogue Trader

I believe this was my first-ever trading film. I loved it then and I love it now. The movie covers the story of Nick Leeson (played by Ewen McGregor) and the collapse of Barings Bank. The film is exciting and gives some realistic insights into trading pits and the futures exchange Leeson worked at (SIMEX).

You can purchase the film here or watch it on YouTube below...

#2 - Traders, Millions by the Minute

A BBC documentary that interviews and follows the life's of several different traders (professional traders, retail traders, profitable traders, unsuccessful traders), most of which trade Forex/currencies. The documentary is over 2 episodes and is one of the most recent BBC documentaries on the subject of trading.

You may be able to watch the trading documentary through the BBC or by searching online. The YouTube video I had below is no longer available...

#3 - Billion Dollar Day

Billion Dollar Day is a British documentary that follows a number of currency brokers and traders. It gives some great insights into Forex trading. The documentary was produced in 1986 but is still a favourite for many traders.

You can watch Billion Dollar Day below...

#4 - Million Dollar Traders

This is a more recent documentary that is produced by the BBC. The series is in 3 parts and is about a group of novices who try to profit from the stock market.

Lex Van Dam was the brains behind the idea and used his own capital to fund the traders. The series portrays many of the struggles that new traders face and offers some great insights into stock trading.

You can watch Million Dollar Traders on YouTube by clicking here.

#5 - Wall Street Warriors

Wall Street Warriors is an American documentary that follows the life's of a number of professionals that are involved in financial markets. Independent traders, brokers, fund managers and floor traders are some of those who are interviewed and shadowed during the episodes.

The series was very successful and there are currently 3 full seasons.

You can watch Wall Street Warriors below...

#6 - City Index: Trading Academy

Trading Academy is a game-show created by City Index (a London based derivatives broker).

The series is very controversial and was made to promote the broker but I enjoyed it and think it is an entertaining watch.

You can watch City Index: Trading Academy below...

#7 - Black Wednesday

Another well-made and insightful BBC documentary.

Black Wednesday was produced in 1997 and covers the events of the crash of sterling in September 1992. George Soros is one of the interviewees.

You can watch Black Wednesday below...

#8: Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps

I am not a fan of the prequel (Wall Street) but I thought Wall Street 2 was a enjoyable film.

The trading floors, atmosphere and trading discussions within the film are awe-inspiring and insightful. The film follows the life of Gordon Gekko's son-in-law to be (Shia LeBeouf), who is a stock broker. You don't have to see the prequel to follow the film but an understanding of trading lingo is very helpful.

You can purchase Wall Street 2 here.

wall street 2 forex

#9 - Margin Call

Follows the key people at an investment bank, over a 24-hour period, during the early stages of the 2008 financial crisis. It is a bit slow at times but is a great watch for any trading/financial market enthusiast.

You can purchase Margin Call here.

#10 - Floored

This documentary film captures all the highs and lows of a trader moving from the trenches of the trading pits to the electronic trading screens.

Viewers will be inspired by many facets of this film, which truly captures the essence of trading for a living.

You can watch the film below...

Now watch this...

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